About Cleversort

The genesis

Having to face the situation of trying to manage too many checklists along with the people who actually make these teams & businesses great, we realised that teams are increasingly becoming bigger and more scattered thus making seamless communication even more important. Therefore at Cleversort’s core we want for all stakeholders to have clear visibility into progress, without the complexity of today’s project management tools.

The Idea

In its most simplistic form, every human and machine is either doing something (doing a task) or getting something done (assigning a task). And the tools available today are complicated, collaboration is unstructured and causes teams to quickly lose sight of the big picture. We want to together build a work ethic that has immense scope of continuous innovation and in the future to solve the problem of easy communication for smooth workflows.

The Objective

The goal is to empower motivation & productivity within teams everywhere. We wanted to, therefore, build a task collaboration platform which is focused on being frictionless, powerful yet simple and helps individuals and organizations get to their Goals quicker.

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