Plan & Prioritize

Cleversort has a calendar view of your checklists that can help you plan your days and weeks in a sorted manner. Each task can be given a due date and with the Calendar view, easily visualize, drag and drop tasks to prioritize your work.

Drag & Drop Tasks

Tasks dates can be edited at any time, and the Drag & Drop feature of the Calendar makes it even simpler for you. The tasks with different due dates are displayed in the respective columns, while there are 2 separate sections below the calendar.

Overdue: Tasks that have a due date in the past.

Non-zero hour: Tasks that do not have any due date.

Select a task from any section and drag it into another section. You can drag & drop tasks from:

  • One date column to another date.
  • The Overdue or Non-zero hour section onto the calendar.
  • The calendar to the Non-zero hour section.

This automatically changes the due date of the task to the date column you place the task in, or removes the date altogether if placed in the non-zero section.

When you use the Calendar view, you can easily pick & prioritize tasks over the week and later.

Start putting up your tasks on Cleversort and get all your planning ahead of the game!

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